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If you need good sound design, I can help! 6+ Years [No Cost]

A topic by eFlexSoundDesign created Apr 07, 2017 Views: 200 Replies: 1
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I am EFlex a sound designer and voice actor from the US. I have 6+ years experience with mixing and mastering songs as well as sounds! I can supply you with sound effects I currently have a profile link here. I currently specialize in more first person game sounds as well as military/survival and more of a realistic sound design but, I can do other styles of sounds if needed! I can send you samples if you are interested as well. I am a firm believer that good sound deisgn and mixing can impact any project majorly and makes up for about 50% of the projects success. I am also an amateur voice actor. Yes, you also read right I can help you out with no cost, just credit where it's due! Add me, message me if you are interested, or email me

Looking to join a serious project to work on!

Hi! Can you help me with a project? I'm working on lessons for ESL and I would aprecciate very much if you do some recording for me.. this would be the first class and is a telephone conversation. I managed to do the females voices but strugling a litte to do  and edit a convincing male voice. 

The voice of a boy .. a teenager.. like 17 18 years old would be the ideal. 

Here follows the dialogue  (his name is Bob):

Narrator: " A telephone call" ( can you do this phrase too?)

Helen: Hello

Bob; Hi. This is Bob. Is Andrea there?

Helen: Hi Bob. yes, just a second

Andrea: This is Andrea.

Bob: Hi Andrea! This is Bob. How are you?

Bob: Great, thanks.  Are you going to the party?

Bob: Nice,  I'm going to the party too. See you there!

Bob: bye

I'll support you with the credits you want. Thanks.