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New to City Generator

A topic by geektom created 9 days ago Views: 206 Replies: 1
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Hi there! I am anew user of the watabou Medieval Fantasy City generator- is there an online "how to" anywhere? Or is here the best place to ask questions? I have so many, but they all feel very basic.

like, once I have added a Legend, how can I edit the names of the wards? Can I move where the numbers are pre-allocated?

Any and all help is appreciated!




And answering your questions:

  • You can't edit district names with the Legend enabled. So if you need to make changes, just disable it, edit those names and enable the Legend again. Later I'll make it possible to edit labels without changing modes.
  • No, numbers are always placed in geometric centers of district shapes (with some adjustments). If for some reason you are not satisfied with their placement, you can try to affect it by "warping" the districts.