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PROGETTO USTICA - alpha version

A topic by IV Productions created Apr 05, 2017 Views: 120
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Hi everybody!

I'm Ivan Venturi, I'm here to tell you about our serious game Progetto Ustica

It is a videogame, also VR, on an airplane disaster. Real disaster. But we didn't do it for amusement or to entertain. We made it as the memory of what happened that night in june 1980 is near to be forgotten. A NATO missile, it is still unknown the nationality of the airplane which launched it, destroyed a civil DC9, with 81 people inside, in the italian skies. Notice that Italy was not in war with nobody.

We are doing this game in strong collaboration with the Association of the Related of the victim of the Ustica disaster. To let you all know what happened, and to spend a minute to think about war.

War, wherever it is, is not a clean thing. You can't think that you won't have it in your country, in your garden, just because war is beyond your state borders.

Our aim is not to give you fun, sorry. And we know that it will mean to have more difficulties to continue to produce the game, to have it greenlighted. Pain is not easy to share.

Anyway we ask you to help us, and to help civil memory to survive, voting us on Greenlight.

Thank you for your time.
Ivan Venturi (game director)