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Boom Slime!

A topic by PolyWolf created Apr 05, 2017 Views: 236 Replies: 4
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Tired of match 3 games? Try Boom Slime!

This game is bright and colourful with easy, but very fascinating gameplay in one touch! Do you like to pop the bubble wrap? Now you will love to burst these cute creatures!

You can play this game with the whole family! It is great for both: kids and adults! At first, the game seems to be very easy, but after the completion of few levels, some of them will make you really worry! But we added some hints for your convenience!


Boom Slime - Trailer

Hi PolyWolf!

Just tried out your game and it was fun! Also wanted to say I like your logo.
I thought I would help you out and re-write your description with some fixes:

Boom Slime! is a bright and colourful game with great click based gameplay! If you like popping bubble wrap you'll love bursting these cute creatures!

This game is fun for the whole family! Everyone of all ages will enjoy playing. At first everything seems very easy but after a few levels things start to get tricky! Look out for our hints on how to beat them.

Hope you find this useful!

Thank you,

I'm glad that you are interested in my game)

Very good. Make the release on iOS!

Unfortunately the game is still only available on Android. But I'll think about it)