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Cube Survivor 999 - Update 0.98

A topic by NubGames created Apr 05, 2017 Views: 141
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New Gameplay update: 0.98 xD

--> Added a new power to all maps, invulnerability to explosions on normal and plasma world, energy bomb to space world

both powers require energy to use, energy regenerates slowly and is quickly used

invulnerability makes the cube invulnerable only to explosions(bomb included)

energy bomb creates an explosion around the cube

--> fixed a bug where player would stay mid air after using an explosion below his position

--> fixed a bug where music loop would stop after using pause at least one time and player died

With the additional power you now have another option to try to survive for as long as possible and maybe get the achievements.

If you like hardcore/achievement based games then you should give it a try. Also if you enjoy playing it please share it with your friends <3