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This Is Not a Shooter

A topic by AlexisB created Apr 04, 2017 Views: 130
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This Is Not a Shooter is a space shooter video game made in LUA

This is the first complete game in LUA who I published
An opportunity for me to learn Lua language and Love2D game engine.

In this shooter you have a ship, angry ennemies and painful bombs.
Kill ennemies to fill your power bar. When your power bar is up you can use the MultiWave Shot.
Kill many ennemies without being touched to active SuperHero mode.
When you activate SuperHero mode, you'll become invincible and will be able to kill ennemies with juste one shot.

The game instructions was wrote in french, but the gameplay is very easy to handle.

If you are interested about my game, or if you have a constructive comment who can help me to progress. You can juste leave a comment, or drop me a line on my personal mail.

Link to This Is Not a Shooter download page

Link to my profile

Link to my personal website