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The Superfluous Sand

Open world, base building, survival, quirky humor and Llamas! · By Voided Pixels Studio

Found some Typos

A topic by Farandwee created 23 days ago Views: 28 Replies: 2
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3. This is actually correct, my bad. New word for me. I though it was meant to be "forgot"

Developer (2 edits)

VERY helpful! Thank you! There are probably many many more :) Finding typos for me is ALWAYS appreciated!

I thought it is 'forgo' though not 'forego'?

You welcome, from time to time I reset the alpha. If I find something I will let you know. 

And I read that as "forgot", my bad. To be honest, I didn't know the word "forgo" as "forego" until now.