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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Pavement / Buggie Repair +es

A topic by suicidejunkie created Apr 03, 2017 Views: 129 Replies: 1
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1) *** When exiting a buggy, pavement seems to count as "indoors", and your mewnaut will appear surprisingly far from the buggie in order to not be standing on a paved tile. In the screenshot below, I've left the front door clear so that wherever you park, you'll appear in front of the door for a quick entrance. (Also, you appear in the bottom left corner of the tile wedged between the airlock and the RTG; the middle of the tile would make much more sense IMO.)

Later on I was testing out the buggy health system, and managed to get it down to 10% health and two broken wheels (the front ones were locked to the right, but this didn't seem to affect how the vehicle mishandled; sometimes it went straight and sometimes even left).

This meant a long trek south to the fixit shop, pushing the front end back towards the road, and then driving a few tiles before having to straighten things out again.

So, when I finally got the buggie on top of the garage and started repairs, I was already in the red on O2. As soon as the wheels were straightened out, I floored it and took off for my base.

2) *** And the car trailed sparkly red +es the whole way :) Presumably because I left while the repairs were incomplete.

I held my breath long enough to take a quick screenshot, and then dove through the automatic airlock.


Ha! good catch. Yeah when trying to exit the buggie, the pavement tiles are probably currently considered "occupied", so that I'll definitely fix.

I'll have to try testing out the red particle issue - they should immediately stop once the buggie has driven (or been pushed).