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The Reset VN

A topic by nikomo created Mar 31, 2017 Views: 292
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The Reset is a short, sci-fi visual novel set in a world in which the biggest fear of scientists has become a reality. Do you know what it is?


Machines are sentient, and full interfaces with humans have been developed. One day, you reset your supporting systems, and lose your persona during the process - a consequence of the reset your AI assistant Bios had warned you about. Why didn't you listen to her? Did you have such a powerful reason to reset your systems? Memory loss, however, is not your only concern. You are alone. There is no one in the facility you find yourself in, nor anywhere else. What's going on?

You explore the world looking for answers.

This game has been developed with the goal of learning while having fun. We hope you enjoy it!

The Reset

image the reset

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