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Destroy All Blocks - A Quick Puzzle Game

A topic by RonnieGrahn created Mar 30, 2017 Views: 204 Replies: 1
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Destroy All Blocks is a very simple game: use your mouse to click and drag away from the direction you want to shoot the ball. An arrow will show you the direction the ball will go. Try to hit all the walls. If you succeed you continue to the next level, if not you get to replay the level.

Even though it's a prototype I think it's very playable. There's 40+ levels, a top-ten leaderboard, music and some sound fx (both which can be muted). You can also right click on the mouse to reset the level (if for example you see that you will miss your target and don't want to wait for the ball to respawn).

It's a quick play and if anyone wants to try it out I'm grateful. If you hit me up with any form of constructive criticism, like it's too easy/hard, I would be delighted.

Here's the page:


Make the area for mouse drag-and-shoot larger.

Redo the score system.

More levels.

Replace Kenney asset art (maybe, if I can find cheap enough art since I don't expect to make any money off this game :P).

Even more levels (and they are a pain in the ass to create ;).

Added a new build for a small update.

The area where you can grab the ball is larger.

Added a couple of levels so now there are 50 levels.