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Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony-building sim - create humanity's first settlement on an extrasolar world! · By mothership, Mothership Entertainment, ellie_team17

Aven Colony updates to 0.1.17105

A topic by mothership created Mar 30, 2017 Views: 715
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Hi all! We've just posted a new build of Aven Colony on Steam and As we get closer to our simultaneous Q2 launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, we're focusing more and more on optimizations, balancing, polish, and final mission tuning.

If you notice any bugs that still aren't fixed in this build, or if there are any tuning or balancing changes you'd like to see, please let us know by posting in our forums!

Remember, if you bought the game on, you should now be able to redeem a Steam key if you haven't done so already; instructions are here. We recommend switching to Steam ASAP!

Also, please be advised that there's currently an objective at the end of the Hyla's Crescent mission that asks you to build 2 Megastructures. We're very likely to remove this objective in the next update, but in the meantime, be aware that you may have a hard time getting enough Nanites to achieve this objective; we recommend researching Kelko Sludge and manufacturing it at a Chemical Plant in order to obtain enough nanites to finish this mission.

Here are the full update notes:

Art changes & optimizations:
  • Brand new tunnels, which look much cooler and are a lot sleeker than the old ones
  • New updated build palette with new icons
  • Improved/fixed all drop-down menus
  • Added a wrench to the building health bar
  • Replaced old overlay icons for housing and jobs with the new ones
  • Improved up/down arrow icons in the air quality overlay
  • Improved Stats dialog popup
  • Added a flashy new "reveal" animation when entering the expedition UI
  • The "Victory!" notification now uses a star for both the opened & unopened state, and also says "Victory!" for the unopened variant of the text
  • The Nanite Processor's light now scales with the doors being open/closed, and the doors no longer animate when it's not functional or not processing
  • Artifact activation progress bars in the Powers & Policies panel are now yellow to differentiate them from the battery-power-based powers, which have green progress bars
  • Improved artifact containment effects in the Artifact Containment Unit
  • Fixed lots of issues with foliage and various particle effects not properly pausing when the game is paused
  • Improved medevac animation during the Kalandra rescue sequence in Sandy Gulch -- added a light, tweaked the medevac position, and made birds not come out of that same hole
  • Improved art for "distress signal" expedition points of interest
  • Improved art for lines between buildings in the Employment overlay
  • New green cylindrical particle effect when the Artifact Containment Unit is holding an artifact
Tuning / balancing / minor changes:
  • Sandbox starting resources now scale on sandbox maps that start with more than 16 colonists
  • Improved the UX when rotating / panning while placing buildings
  • We now hide the selection pane when rotating / panning buildings
  • Improved music balancing; music is now quieter at normal volume
  • Improved creep and plague spore spawn points on campaign and sandbox Vanaar
  • Expedition Center: sick/injured crewmembers now disembark the vessel and join the building staff
Performance optimizations:
  • Optimized colonists
  • Optimized police drones
  • Major improvements to performance when placing or selecting a Farm
  • Fixed bugs with the power platforms at the corners rendering twice (one instanced, one non-instanced), which ate GPU and also caused visual glitches of colonists moving through elevators
Bug fixes:
  • Global difficulty level now scales with time as well as population -- we ensure that difficulty ramps up at a certain pace even if the player builds the colony slowly
  • Fixed a bug where many aspects of "Hard" difficulty ended up being the same as "Challenging," and "Easy" was slightly harder than intended
  • Reduced colonist morale at "Insane" difficulty even further
  • Fixed a lot of bad dust devil paths in a lot of the desert maps (both campaign and sandbox)
  • Dust devils now properly do a small amount of damage (~1-4% of total health) when they sweep over a building
  • Buildings that the player has asked to be recycled no longer issue "Can't Get Workers" or "Not Connected to Colony" notifications
  • Fixed an issue with rover sequences still playing upon loading a saved game
  • Fixed SHIPE call captions in the expedition UI being hidden behind the vessel list
  • Fixed a bug in Sandy Gulch where one of the SHIPE calls would often get played after loading a mission even though it was already finished
  • Fixed bumpy terrain in Hyla's Crescent that could poke up through the tunnels
  • Fixed lots of issues where sandbox settings wouldn't get initialized properly
  • Fixed an issue where certain sandbox maps could sometimes have too few resources when set to 'Low' starting resources
  • Fixed an issue where the "Minerals:" display in the "Mission Info" tab would incorrectly display the value for "Referendums" instead
  • Fixed hit point bar on Wind Turbine being hidden inside the building
  • The loading screen now appears once again if you load a save from the in-game menu
  • Buildings under construction now display the tier text
  • Azara Falls: fixed a bit of bumpy terrain and made more bad tiles blocked in the blocked map
  • Fixed collision settings on vessels (trade, immigration) so that clicking on them selects the building they belong to
  • Fixed building hit point bars to no longer hide before fully repaired
  • Improved police drone movement; this fixes a few rare cases where police drones could get stuck in loops
  • Fixed a rare issue where some very old saved games could have missing construction drones; these drones now get reset to the vicinity of their drone station on load
Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community!

Paul Tozour & the Mothership Entertainment team