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A topic by Moon-Interactive created Mar 30, 2017 Views: 140
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Hi! Welcome to the Locked Devlog!

Here u will find updates and info about our Project,

Now first things first, What type of game is it?

Well Locked is an RPG made in the RPG Maker VX Ace engine, now i hear u say "Oh another one of these games!". But hear us out!

Well we try to make the game more detailed then ur average RPG maker game.

Also our main thought is not "What can we do with this engine" but rather "What can we make this engine do" making us more likely to push the engine to its limits for your enterainment!

Well thats sweet but how about the game itself?

Well, if u are into 2D RPG games with an old but still modern feel to it, then our Project might be something for u!

If ur into plot all over the place, then u ar ein luck aswel my friend!

Locked is an 2D RPG about a boy (Called Alex) who lost all of his family and possesions, and because of that gained a superpower! Now he is not the only one with a superpower, there are many people with superpowers because of traumatic experiences! ut he doesnt know he has them until 5 years later when the Demon Lord Xephan invades the world with the plan of making humanity his slaves.

Say i like the game? How far is it in development?

If we compare it to what we want to do, we havent scratched the surface yet! Realisticly? I think where at 5% of completion,

mainly because this is only our third big project we actually aim at finishing.

Who is we?

We are Moon-Interactive! We are a few friends who make games with the power of friendschip, internet and rage!

Okay, im interested. Can i just download the game?

Yes it is absolutly free! But if u feel like it, u can donate 0,50USD where 50% of wich goes to Itch itself. Because we dont aim to make money with this project yet!

The version u can get is the 0.5.0 with the following new things:

-New Maps

-New mobs

-A mining Quest

-Improved NPC´s

-And a buntch of bugfixes

Thank u for your time!

Hope you will enjoy our game just as mutch as we enjoy making it!

And stay tuned for updatelogs/devlogs on this page!

_M-I Team_