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Medieval Steve

A topic by JforthDesigns created Mar 28, 2017 Views: 315 Replies: 1
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Medieval Steve is a 3D Platformer, where you play as a pile of armour, held together by magic; that can stomp and smash, killing everything on screen! You job is to save the world from total destruction. You race through the levels, killing and collecting everything.

Merlin, a very powerful and wise wizard needed an apprentice; to help around the house. He used his powerful magic and created his apprentice from some old armor. At this moment, Steve was born. With no flesh or bones holding him together, Steve was impervious to pain and could regenerate, should the worst happen.

Merlin was experimenting with spells such as inter-dimensional portals and even time travel. However, even with his great wisdom, Merlin's experiments went horribly wrong. He had torn a huge hole in the fabric of space and the worlds we know and love, crumbled and broke into thousands of shards. As Steve was not part of the mortal relm, he was not affected by Merlin's spell and the fate of the world rested on his shoulders.

With the crumbling of the worlds, grotesque and hideous creatures were spawned out of evil, outer-world dimensions.

Along the way, Merlin was managing to send notes to Steve to give him hints and enable Steve with powers and abilities. Steve has to collect all of the broken shards of the worlds and fix everything before it was too late.

You play as Steve. Can you be the hero, the world needs?

You play as Steve, the magical knight, who was created by a powerful wizard. Steve started life as a rusty old pile of armour, discarded and unwanted. However, Marlin - the powerful wizard - was in sore need of a helping hand, around his lab. He stumbled across this pile of junk metal and took it back home with him. With a Whizz, a POP and a Bang, Steve sprung into life!

Throughout the game, there a number of collectible items, that will help you along your journey. These items are:

  • Blue Gems - these will help restore power to the broken worlds and allow Steve to travel between them.
  • Green Gems - If you have lost any health from an enemy attack or a trap, this will restore a small percentage.
  • Hand Token - Once collected, Steve can transform into just a hand....yeah, I know, it's weird, but, it helps you reach places you otherwise couldn't when you were full sized. Beware though, the effects only last a few seconds!

Steve has been blessed with some serious powers, that can be upgraded throughout the game. He has the ability to shrink down and become just a hand! This enables him to get into smaller areas and gain extra power-ups or collect items that were otherwise out of reach. He can jump very high and not once, not twice, but, three times, in succession! After completeing the third jump - if timed properly - Steve can then perform the most powerful attack he has; the Super Smash (imaginative name, I know!). Steve is also impervious to pain and can regenerate! Pretty cool eh?

Development is going very well and I am having a lot fun, creating the different worlds, for Steve to traverse. I am currently about 60% through development and I am aiming towards releasing the final game in early September, this year. I have a professional voice over artist that will be narrating the game, another who will be the voice of Steve. There is no team creating this, I am a solo developer, creating the game in Unreal Engine 4.

If you are interested in following the progress of Medieval Steve, I update the social media profiles with all the latest news, images and videos.

Twitter -

Facebook -

I have recently put Medieval Steve on Steam Greenlight, Check the Steam link to show your support.


A new build has been released, which fixes a whole plethora of bugs and issues.

I have finally managed to get rid of that annoying Leap Motion error, that has been plaguing the game for the past 12 months!

Change log below

  • Sort the hand transform on the first level, can't transform back
  • force the player to upgrade jump with first two upgrade points
  • increase the hit box of the attack, it's too precise
  • Increase the size of the interaction box for the switches
  • upgrade menu choice swapping, the text displays both for a second
  • Level003 has Z clashing at the entrance to the saw room and the axe room
  • Spike hit boxes can still inflict damage when the spikes aren't out.
  • look a the force in which the player is thrown back when attacked by a player
  • decrease the difficulty of the star points. Need to actually give people some upgrade points.
  • Make the hand token respawn if the player dies
  • add a skip button to the narration parts
  • remove the platform collision feature.

If you haven't already, please be sure to pop over to the Steam Greenlight page and show your support for Steve! He is getting ever so lonely over there, all on his own.

Grab a copy of the new build from here