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Just Rain released - interactive audiovisual rain sounds simulator (NOT A GAME)

A topic by ROBYSOFT created Mar 27, 2017 Views: 203
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I just released an app on (not a game), that might be of interest to some of you working with audio.

Tired of ambient noise and rain sounds apps with tinny little 2-second loops, I decided to make a richer rain sounds simulator, layering multiple high quality samples over each other depending on the user's input. Here's the release information:


Just launched for PC and macOS is the latest version of Just Rain, the soothing audiovisual rain simulator that has garnered acclaim on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and OUYA. In this edition, click in different areas on your screen to change the direction, intensity, and panning of the rain visualization and audio.

While it's NOT A GAME -- it's great running on a tv or a large monitor as a sleep aid or ambient piece. Best experienced with quality speakers or headphones!

Positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome!