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Codroids - A minimalist puzzle game about synchronized movement

A topic by Bearded Whale created Mar 27, 2017 Views: 164
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What is Codroids?

Codroids is a minimalist and truly challenging puzzle game where your goal is to move droids to their matching targets. However, instead of controlling each droid individually, you control them all att once.

Codroids is available here on for Windows, Mac and Linux, but there is also an Android version on Google Play Store.

The game mechanics are simple and intuitive, and the puzzles remain small and lucid throughout the game. On average, the levels can be solved in less than 12 moves.

Codroids is, however, very difficult. It just achieves this without presenting increasingly large and intricate levels, or by constantly throwing new game mechanics at you. The solutions are simple, just easily overlooked.