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Price and game version

A topic by BLINXERIZER created Feb 28, 2020 Views: 60 Replies: 4
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Why is it $8.99 on itch but $4.99 on Steam? Also is the itch version up to date and in line with the Steam version? Is the Steam version also DRM free?


Ssorry, we dropped the price on steam some time ago and forgot to update it on itch. both stores are now $4.99, thanks  for bringing this to our attention!

Awesome but what about my other question?


the itch version and the steam should be the same. I believe the steam version does require you to have Steam running/installed, as we hooked up alot of achievements/etc from Nova-111 onto steam servers. If you wish to have the DRM free one, you can buy it off Itch

Thanks. Just wanted to make sure. I gotta have DRM FREE.