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Hack-and-Slash meets Explore-and-Discover. · By inkeri

version 0.07

A topic by SDJedi created Feb 27, 2020 Views: 83 Replies: 1
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What you have so far is very impressive. The overall feel of combat and the controls is great. The art and animations are top-notch as well. Is there any specific feedback you are looking for at this stage in development? Are you at a point where you are trying to balance the challenge of the game, or are you still fleshing out base mechanics? Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what comes next.


Thank you very much for the feedback!

Well, it's hard to answer this question, really. I guess, I usually work on the stuff that bothers me the most (or a lack of which bothers me the most) or just do things that I'm most excited about.
From the development perspective, I think, at this point I'm trying to keep the balance between adding new things and polishing what's already there.