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Very cool. Got stumped on lvl 17, but I really enjoyed what you put together, Thanks for sharing!

Nice work so far. I can tell you've put a lot of work into this project. I wish you all the best as you continue to develop it and I will watch your progress!

Is there an end? It bugged out on me at lvl 12 ... couldn't buy any more stuff, and no more people were showing up in the game.

Cute. :) Made it to 5:1. Hope you and your son had a lot of fun making it together.

Your feedback has been a great help. [Lightning I] was upgraded, renamed to Thunderbolt, and added to Lance with a new casting animation. I probably made some other small tweaks, but no major balance changes yet. 

I will probably be working on enemy AI next. I have lots of ideas here that will take some time to implement. Generally speaking, I want to have certain archetypes, like a healer that casts his heal spell only when his allies are at low health, or a strategist that always attacks the lowest HP party member ... stuff like that. The Fire Dragon actually has some of that now. He changes tactics when his hp falls below 75% and again when he's below 50%. More of that stuff to come. 

Thanks again for your help and support. It means a lot.

Mangata community · Created a new topic version 0.07

What you have so far is very impressive. The overall feel of combat and the controls is great. The art and animations are top-notch as well. Is there any specific feedback you are looking for at this stage in development? Are you at a point where you are trying to balance the challenge of the game, or are you still fleshing out base mechanics? Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Mangata community · Created a new topic Great job!

Color me impressed! There is so much to like about what you have so far. The fundamental aspects of the game feel very solid, the art and UI are very well done. Movement and combat are very smooth and intuitive. I will definitely be following your progress!

Cute little game. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing. :)

Cool little game. I love how it messes with your mind by showing you a really easy path, only to close it off as soon as you move. Are your levels procedurally  generated, or did you make each by hand?

Good luck with your project! I have loved RPGs since I was a kid. I'm in the process of making one myself, so I know what a big undertaking it is. I look forward to watching you progress.

Nice. It's actually trickier than it sounds! Thanks for sharing.

Very cool! I really enjoyed both the story and the gameplay. The puzzles were especially well done. Two thumbs up!

Nice job! I know a lot of work goes into these projects, and you guys should be proud of your finished work.  Some feedback for your consideration:

 1) More player choices would be nice. It's little too "on rails" . 

2) There's an old saying that what you can't see is often scarier than what you can. The final monster would be scarier if you didn't get quite as good a look at it in the end ... more shrouded in shadow, closer camera angle, faster cut-away, etc. 

Just my opinion. Thanks for sharing your game, and keep up the good work.

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Indeed I did. It's been quite the challenge. Sorry for the very late reply ... been working on getting a playable demo together.

I like that it has that old-school Legend of Zelda style gameplay. I like the little puzzles and hidden items you incorporated, and I can see you created a pretty in-depth combat/damage system. My one critique would be the menu system ... the menus could be consolidated and streamlined, making it easier to equip your character and add items/spells to the hotbar. Overall, nice work!

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I had an issue with the screen resolution ... should have read your patch notes before posting. :) I'll do some play testing and try to give some feedback.

I will keep an eye on your progress. I'm undertaking a similar project, so I know just how much work goes into these things. Best of luck to you!

Cute ... made it to 749m ... I noticed there are times where coins spawn in unreachable places, e.g. right at the bottom of the screen. Just a heads up if that wasn't intended.

"You've taken your first step into a larger world" ... best of luck on your journey.

Nice job. I made it to 36 coins ... what other features are you planning to add in?

I like your concept. There are some bugs to be worked out, but nice work on what you have so far.

Simple, but fun. The planetary scale is cool. If you're looking for feedback, I suggest slightly slower projectiles, a tad faster response time when moving the cannon, or a combo of the two. Keep up the good work!

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I especially like the music. I made it to the bottom, but didn't see anything there. I take it there's no victory screen yet?

Nice little puzzle game. /Thumbs up!

I see ... are your rooms proceduraly generated or did you make each by hand?

Neat concept. Have you tried a version where the ball doesn't damage the player?  Might be helpful for new players trying to get the hang of the controls.

Nice work. How many rooms are there? I made it to room 10

I enjoyed it. It's actually harder than it looks. I made it a decent ways down. Is there an end, or does it just keep going?

Hehe cool. Is there any kind of win condition

Well, I made it to 61. :)

Fun little min-game. Well done

Thanks for checking out my game. I have much to learn before I start entering any competitions. :)

Fun little game. :) Need a way to restart after you beat it.

Nice job. Gave me a smile. :)