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IsoPlat - action rpg /Platformer

A topic by S-Production Games created Mar 25, 2017 Views: 165
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Play IsoPlat here

IsoPlat is a platformer/rpg game.

Set in a world of renown heroes and villans, our main character is set to make a mark in the world to be recognized as a great hero. His focus is to save an island in distress which several other heroes either tried to save or have completely ignored the distress call. How this story unfolds is up to you.

Gameplay mechanics

  • Currently the basics which consists of running,jumping, attacking is in place,
  • Special attacks which depletes will power is in place.
  • Player leveling system .
  • Currency and collectibles.
  • multiple stages are available.
  • basic economy (shops to purchase / sell items).
  • Boss battles