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Hyperspace Dogfights

Jet Combat Roguelike, Occasionally With Swords · By sleeper_games

Development Roadmap Sticky

A topic by sleeper_games created Mar 24, 2017 Views: 255 Replies: 2
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Developer (16 edits)

Development on the game is pretty much done. If you want a retrospective on its making you can check out the game dev Trello:



Still to come:

Item Encyclopedia (?)

Would be nice to have a place that lists all the currently unlocked items, but integrating that isn't a super hight priority.

Version 1.1: Realspace (shipped)
The Realspace update focused on implementing feedback from the community. Controller support and loot tooltips where added and support for 4k monitor was improved. 40+ new items where added to the loot mix and many quality of life tweaks and bug fixes made it into the update too.

Version 1.0: Launch (shipped)

Final Tunage

Some minor features like the escalation meter where still added shortly before release. The tutorial was also reworked and streamlined to better fit the games tension level. I also did multiple optimization passes to minimize lag spikes and improve performance. The game also got a proper credits sequence. Finally, the game's launch trailer was produced.

Alpha 0.95: Full Spectrum (Shipped)

Multiple Player Ships, Unlock System

This update will gave you multiple player ships to choose from. One of the ships continues to start with a random loadouts, the others have custom, fixed starting gear and lean towards a certain play-style.

A certain part of the current player gear has become gated, restricting the loot pools to fewer items at first and adding the possibility of item unlocks as rewards for certain achievements.

Alpha 0.9: Vis Light (Shipped)

Loot tiers, choice chests, stores

This extended the impact of the game economy and gave you some ways to actually build your jet in a certain direction. Randomness is still a strong factor, in terms of what you get offered. But you now have some greater degree of control over the direction your jet develops in and you can sometimes purposefully create synergies.

Chests that offer a choice of items as well as stores have been added. The later can now be accessed during the intermission scene between waves.  Store ships have their own wave type that unlocks the store for the remainder of the current zone.

Alpha 0.85: Radio Waves (Shipped)

More Wave Objectives, Elite Enemies, UI Tweaks

This update focused on implementing feedback I got at Strassbourg Fantastique, giving combat more purpose with new, randomized goals per wave. Those range from recon mission to target elimiminations or ground assaults. Enemies can now become elites, both randomly or as part of wave goals. The UI was made a little more unified visually and juiced up some more.

Alpha 0.8: Gamma Ray (Shipped)

More Bosses, Boss Pools for Each Zone

The bosses present in the first Alpha release have become the boss pool of zone one, with new bosses populating later zones. One more final zone has been added, featuring a final boss encounter.

Alpha 0.74: X-Ray (Shipped)

Zone Variety, Enemy Variety

I wanted each zone to have two possible skins (that also affect the gameplay there at some point). Features that where present in the first release where implemented across all zones (Rock Structures, Floating Islands). Most new zones got specific enemy types that can only appear there and enemy spawning was restructured taking the new zone into account. Many new enemies where added.

Alpha 0.73: Ultraviolet (done)

More Passives, Actives and Weapons

For the first release I mostly worked in a lot of straight forward stat items. For Ultraviolet I focused on passive items with more complex effects (comparable to what Shot Displacer and Bounty Hunter Database does.) I also extended the weapon roster with more melee options and new takes on ranged gear.

Previously on Hyperspace Dogfights' Development: Prototype Dev Vlog

Dev Vlog #9 ( Week 18 )
More actives, 2nd Boss

Dev Vlog #8 ( Week 16 )
Tutorial simulation, even more items

Dev Vlog #7 ( Week 13 )
First boss, full options menu.

Dev Vlog #5 ( Week 10 )
Added waves, enemy spawning behavior, intermission scene and item chests.

Dev Vlog #4 ( Week 8 )
Added passive and active items, as well as the supporting ui.

Dev Vlog #3 ( Week 7 )
Added lots different ship guns and the supporting ui.

Dev Vlog #2 ( Week 5 )
Implemented additional enemy types.

Dev Vlog #1 ( Week 4 )
Basic air combat and jet behavior.

I'm not sure if this is the right spot to mention it, but supporting more resolutions would be super useful to me. My display is running at 1910 x 1200 and any of the included resolutions become unplayable in fullscreen stretch mode. Beautiful game so far though. It reminds me a lot of Galax-Z, one of my favorite tightly controlled sidescrolling shooters.


Yeah, better large resolution support is under way, potentially coming with the next big update.