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Bugs! Sticky

A topic by Pheonise created Mar 23, 2017 Views: 705 Replies: 7
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Found a bug? Post about it here!


Two right hands.

Overdrive is a great game. I am currently making videos and this one has me doing matrix moves to dodge bullets. for this to be shown in the video a third person view or mixed reality mode needs to be turned on. when I do, the ability to select options goes away. no cursor on the wall. Is there a way to fix this?


I'm not too sure what you mean by third person/mixed reality mode being turned on - as far as I can remember, I haven't added anything like that into the game (unless it's something built-in to the SteamVR plugin..?)

I can't really help out with that unfortunately; I've got no way to properly test that sort of functionality, so I can't find out what could be causing the problem. Sorry about that

mixed reality mode is built into unity by default unless the developer disables it. In the game it works except once activated, there is no cursor on the wall when you point at it. Maybe this is related to the two right hands? I'll post a video demonstrating this if it'll help.


If it's a built-in feature, then it's probably interfering with the UI pointer system being used - if you can point the camera/view at a menu, does a pointer show up?

If it's doing what I think it's doing, I might be able to fix it pretty quickly; I'll take a look at the code and see if I can get something working in the mean time.

Thanks for your time and reply. No, the pointer does not show up if you point any camera at the menu. a way you can see this is to add this file: externalcamera.cfg to the root of the game directory next to the .exe executable. that is part of what turns on the third person camera for mixed reality. this can be created in notepad and applying the name to save it. the notepad created file could be empty. it seems that just the presence of this file causes the issue.

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