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I welcome you if you've happened to stumble upon this project, just a disclaimer, this is a first-time project I'm trying to do in game development and I have very little experience in the engine. I've tinkered around with concepts here and there but never got an idea that I wanted to formulate as a full project. Because of the nature of this, I'm not entirely sure if this project will ever see the light of day of being released, but It'd be cool if that ever happens. I do wanna give this the best shot I can, although it'll take quite some time as this is just a passion project.

Another disclaimer is that this game is a disgusting oversimplification of how real-world data centers work, although I still want to make it enjoyable and at least somewhat representative, but do keep in mind that data centers are a huge infrastructure consisting of many parts to orchestrate it all.

The kind of content I imagined for this game is the ability to purchase server chassis and install hardware such as CPUs, RAM, Drives, Expansions, Etc. Or just purchasing pre-built systems. I would also like for there to be needed maintenance of systems here and there. I'd also like to limit player setups by various factors like maximum power, internet speeds, space, maybe temperature? but being able to improve it all by purchasing or leasing new space and or upgrading services. The main idea of the game will be either utilizing the servers for personal money generation, or by marketing and selling services to consumers, maybe by random things like VPS services, game hosting, or co-hosting. I would also like for there to be support tickets that are generated by the consumers and require action from the player.

I'll be posting dev builds here and there, most of the early builds here will probably not really be much to play, but I wanna use this to publicly display progress and just mess around with what is there as is. I'll announce if I start doing alpha builds, where they are playable to a degree, so if you're not into the dev builds then stick around til then!

That's all just a quick lil run down, if you enjoy the idea of the project keep a tab on it or get active in any communication platforms. I'm really hoping to build this game with the opinions of other people. I'll have a Discord server you can join and I'll chat and post any information or updates there.

I appreciate it if you read this all! Hope the idea gives you some excitement.



Two right hands.

Hey Lagmaster, If it is possible I would like to have some sort of contact with you so (If you are still working on this) I can stay updated on the game's work or give you some ideas. Hope to talk to you!