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[Solved] Mesh breaks on load with I2Localization

A topic by sammyseal created Mar 23, 2017 Views: 187 Replies: 1
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Hey, I've found a serious bug that's affecting my ability to use SuperTextMesh. We are currently using an additional package I2Localization to handle our localization. However, when we call the I2Localization to get a translated string, all of the SuperTextMeshes in the scene disappear. This happens even when we don't set or change any strings. Do you know what could be causing it, and how can we fix it?

When you view the SuperTextMesh in the editor, I can see purple blobs, but not in-game.

Nevermind, I managed to solve it. I2Localizations was clearing out resources that it shouldn't be accessing. I'll let those guys know what the problem was. (For future coders who stumble across this from Google, it's the function CleanResourceCache() that was causing the problem).