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Idol Manager [Beta]

Idol Manager is a business sim about conquering the entertainment industry using any means you deem necessary. · By sadambober, Kuiper

Some Questions About Mechanics and Modding

A topic by Jackkel Dragon created Feb 20, 2020 Views: 270
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How is the dating mechanic handled internally? I've seen some seemingly inconsistent behavior from my gameplay (mostly in Beta 14), and I'm curious how the mechanic is meant to work. My observations:

  • Idols under 18 cannot be flirted with, and no dating information is displayed in their bio. However, they can enter into relationships with NPCs or other idols, which can be commented on by other characters and appears in the "Bonds" list. (However, it still doesn't show in the dating section of the bio.)
  • For those who don't know the meaning of the "mysterious reason" tooltip, it seems difficult to find out if someone has started dating since the last flirt attempt without major negative consequences. (Example: Three successful flirts, followed by the idol starting a separate relationship, and then the next flirt causes a huge friendship decrease.) Personally, I feel like the idol should explain the situation rather than get so upset. (Affected by traits? Reset the flag if the relationship ends and a different one starts?)
  • Is there any plan to extend dating to staff members? (Particularly for idols that become staff members.) This might be something possible to hack together through mods, but I'll have to take a closer look on how the current editor handles dating values.

Graduation and General Modding

Are there any plans to expose the game logic that handles things such as graduation? For instance, having events cause idols to move their planned graduation date (or remove it entirely). This could also help in editing the text for the existing system, since I'm not sure what makes an idol's graduation "good", "bad", or "average" for the epilogues.

In general, how much of the internal logic is planned to be moddable? Based on previous devlogs it sounds like this is a very low-level concern until the release version, but I figure certain things might have to be done now to make it easier for them to be moddable. (For instance, alternate balance mods would likely require a lot of the game numbers to be set as constants and the file with those constants be loadable from an external file.) Therefore, knowing what kind of things can be modded could help in understanding what kind of mods would even be possible.

Scandal Points

Nearly forgot to ask about this, so I decided to edit it in. Aside from gaining these from events and the potential to use them to fire staffers without paying them, what ways exist to manage these? They get listed as a "resource", but I feel like it's only a resource for a cutthroat gameplay style. For those who don't want to fire staffers to hire better ones, they only cause negative effects with no apparent way to get rid of them aside from using cheat mods. So here's a few questions about how they work right now:

  • Do they decay over time, or do they have to be "spent" to go away?
  • For Scandal Points attached to specific idols, do they disappear if the idol is fired or graduates?
  • When using them to fire staffers, how is it determined which points are spent?
  • Right now, it seems like idols don't acknowledge being seen as scandalous. Is there any plan to have them behave differently when a lot of Scandal Points get attached to them?