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tiny computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games · By Nesbox

Hello and an Android bug

A topic by sbn created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 147 Replies: 3
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Hey there!

First off, thanks for creating what looks like a fun, well-put-together project! I especially like that cross-platform considerations have been thought about and built in from the start. Very cool!

I was looking forward to doing some creating on my little Android setup. I use a wireless BT keyboard and an OTG mouse, so it's almost like a micro laptop.

The issue I have is the following: TIC-80 starts up fine, I can load carts and run them. The issue is that when I exit from running, I can't type anything, either on the physical or virtual keyboard. I can use the arrow keys, escape/back, and return, both at the prompt and in "UI mode". Reactivating keyboard requires killing the app and restarting. It seems like "gamepad mode" is never properly exited, or something?

In any case, hope this pseudo-bug-report helps, and thanks again for your work!



Yes, Android input is buggy and doesn't work properly, I have similar issues here https://github.com/nesbox/tic.computer/issues?q=is...

Please add your comments to the issues and I'll fix it in the near future.

Thanks for the bug report and appreciative words :)

I've now done that. Thanks again!


I see, thanks