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Spellspun Demo

A topic by SageGoneRogue created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 166
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Spellspun is a retro shooter, borrowing some of its DNA from cult classics like Smash TV. There is no side-to-side movement, no dodging: you are rooted to the center of the screen. Your only defense against hordes of monsters are the powerful spells taught to you by your companion, Argenstrayd. With no escape, each wave becomes a test of your reflexes and decision-making skills.

However, there is more to Spellspun than blowing away wave after wave of monsters. A rich story awaits, with many difficult decisions to make. Hundreds of hidden factors are tracked by the game, and help define the relationship between the protagonists as well as the larger story.

Did you hesitate for a moment when making a dialogue choice?

Are you favoring one element over the others?

Do your attacks land with a graceful precision, or do you prefer to spray bolts of energy in every direction?

Argenstrayd remembers everything you do. Although you may be learning magic from him, you are teaching him something, as well...

Spellspun is intended to be a challenging game. We would love to have more feedback regarding the gameplay experience and the difficulty curve. Please help us make Spellspun great! Download the demo, and tell us about your most and least favorite parts of the gameplay experience.

We are very open to ideas for new spells. If you have an idea for a great spell, please let us know, and you may see it in an upcoming update!

EDIT: Added a couple of gameplay gifs to the original post.