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Austy - A building games

A topic by Olinguito Entertainment created 36 days ago Views: 302 Replies: 19
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The painter is a building game with extra features! it will come with physics and more! and a open APLHA is comming.

i have added new blocks to the game 2 physics

and i will start working on the natur.

frome the first ALPHA the game has evolved it adds new blocks, physics blocks and non blocks.

hope you are interested.

(this is the first post more like "update notes off the development" will come)

website: https://leokingt.wixsite.com/oenter

you can comment on my game and play the game (if you sign up).

remember the game is in ALPHA when you play it.

(you may wonder why i dont use itch.io well when my games are in early ALPHA i dont put it upp on itch.io)

OPEN ALPHA: https://olinguito-entertainment.itch.io/the-painte...

some terrain ideas i will expand the world!

UPDATE 0.2 {

i have added a beach and water

i have added trees

a bigger world to


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update 0.3 Physics update

the tabel can now rotate.

and new mass for all physics block

a new physics block that is yellow

a new physics block that is orange

and bigger terrain

(Edited 1 time)

Update 0.4

orange block for non physichs block

and a light block

more light blocks will come (or not)

update 0.5

new purple block

new physics purple block

new physics light block (orange)

OPEN ALPHA! you can now test the game!!

Download: https://olinguito-entertainment.itch.io/the-painte...

new update 0.7

added inventory

added new furniture chair

new name for the game: Austy

new update 0.8.5

updated inventory

added new blue table

fixed some buggs

(Edited 1 time)

update 0.9

Added blues chair

Added colorful charmig

Added colorful table

Added big ger oceans

Updated inventory

Updated main menue

Fixed some bugs

update ALPHA 0.0.1

The game is in ALPHA!

added new mapps

added world system

updated worlds

updated main menue

fixed some bugs

update ALPHA 0.0.2

updated one off the maps

removed one off the maps

and a new purpul gravity block

From the last version i added 2 maps one snowy map and one mountain mapp. the snowy mapp got removed. becuse the mapp is bad and i would have to update that map to add new stuff and i dont whant that. i updated the mountain map. added purpul block to all of the mapps. ni the future i will have differente for differente mapps.

update ALPHA 0.0.21

added day and night!

fixed some bugs

and fixed a model bug

update ALPHA 0.0.3

added new category terrain

added new terrain block tree

change the inventoury button to tab insted of i

i dident update the game yesterday becuse i did other stuff. and the new category has been added becuse i dont whant to have terrain stuff in other categorys. i will add allot off new terrain stuff this week.

added new block the trail block (gravity block)

work in progress on a new world

testing a new AI object

i have been working on ai and the new world today.

today i have worked on the new world. thats all.

i have worked on the new world THAT IS A CASTEL! and added new colors to the assets. so it will come new blocks soon

(i havent updated on a wille i do others stuff)

update alpha 0.0.4

new block brown block

new gravity block brown

some new blocks! the brown block is not on the first map becuse a bug

how many whant this as a game on a website?

update alpha 0.0.4

change the tree model

added new terrain block yellow tree