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Recommendations show games I've already purchased/downloaded

A topic by TServo2049 created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 239
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I have noticed that with whatever recent changes were made to the site within the last week, the game recommendations now include games I've already purchased on the site. With all the games that are on this site, I want to be able to use the recommendations to help me find things, and it's harder if it keeps suggesting things I already have.

I also notice that what I buy/download doesn't seem to be adjusting what it recommended, it seems like the same titles cycle through over and over. I also notice that when it says what the recommendations are based on, purchases and downloads both seem to cap out at 100. I'm not sure if that means it doesn't look at anything beyond the first 100 games I purchased/downloaded, or if it's just a display error.

Any possibility of resolving any of these, at least the first issue which only recently started happening?