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[Watercolor and Digital] Professional Freelance Artist for Hire

A topic by AlexisRoyce created 9 days ago Views: 39
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Hello! I'm Alexis Royce, and I just got done with my current batch of commissions, so they're wide open again! I've got a couple examples in this thread, but you can get a bunch more info, prices and examples on my page over here:

 If you're interested, please shoot me an email at Thank you!

 Watercolors- $40 for one person, $60 for two (+shipping)

Ink and watercolors on 9×6″ watercolor paper. Optional +$15 to upgrade paper size to 9×12."


Digital Waist High Color- $30 and up

Includes simple shading, as well as a simple gradient or splash background, where applicable. Other backgrounds, more complex shading, or additional characters start at an additional $20 each.