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The Last Light

Last Light is a first-person horror game for the PC · By kpwashere, zylozs

Review & Lumps Play video!

A topic by Lumps Plays - Visual Let's Plays created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 153
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I really liked this! I always immediately forgive indie games for not being 100% fleshed out, and the only thing that confused me in this one was the story. It just sort of forces you to except the circumstances, without explaining anything. That's fine for a short indie horror game, but it did leave me confused and curious by the end. Why the monster? Why anything? Why?

That being said, graphics looked great! It played wonderfully, I didn't experience any bugs, and the monster looked really good for what you were going for. The action sequence was a nice surprise too, good work on the animation/screenplay for that train scene! It was probably the best moment, I thought.

Thanks for making it, really look forward to anything else from you! Hope you enjoy the Lumps Play, cheers :)

Lumps Plays are let's play with pop-up commentary. Check it out, you'll love it :D