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Slay Ruthless and Unique beasts in procedurally generated levels, can you find the treasures hiding in this cave? · By EverHunter Developer

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A topic by EverHunter Developer created Mar 16, 2017 Views: 87 Replies: 1
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EverHunt Update #1

  • Fixed Multiple Game Crashes and Bugs.
  • Game Saves Automatically when you: die, go through a door.
  • There is loading tips now to make new user's life easier.
  • You can minimize the Quest tab.
  • Fixed the Background color.
  • Added Music to Levels (credits to / The Cynic Project).

-Enjoy the Hunt!.

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EverHunter Update #3

  • Fixed Multiple Game Crashes and Bugs.
  • Better camera movement
  • Replaced the Leveling System with the new "Ability Shop".
  • Added Game Over Screen with many useful stats of your run.
-Enjoy the Hunt!.
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