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Hello everybody, we are happy to announce that we just started our Kickstarter Campaign, if you wish to see the full game released please support us or help us sharing it please!.

You can acces the KickStarter campaign here:
or direct link here:

Cmo'n guys we can do this.

Also we are proud to announce Update #4 which comes with a lot of Extra polishing and Juicy effects. We hope you enjoy it.

-Sincerelly, EveryHunter Dev Team.

EverHunter Update #3

  • Fixed Multiple Game Crashes and Bugs.
  • Better camera movement
  • Replaced the Leveling System with the new "Ability Shop".
  • Added Game Over Screen with many useful stats of your run.
-Enjoy the Hunt!.

Just saw your video, thank you so much for the feedback and for making a video about the game, we really preciate it. After you watching you play i noticed quite a few things we've gotta tweak and change. Btw we will add full Gamepad Support in the future.

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EverHunt Update #1

  • Fixed Multiple Game Crashes and Bugs.
  • Game Saves Automatically when you: die, go through a door.
  • There is loading tips now to make new user's life easier.
  • You can minimize the Quest tab.
  • Fixed the Background color.
  • Added Music to Levels (credits to / The Cynic Project).

-Enjoy the Hunt!.

Thank you so much for the feedback, and the video ^^

Watching your video now, making some improvements for the next patch based on your comments. Definitelly need to add some music for the levels!.

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