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Changelog Sticky

A topic by dean_sick created Mar 15, 2017 Views: 208
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Developer (5 edits)

4/4 Made the visually exciting changes a bit easier to read visually, temporarily removed the torus due to it being pretty janky

4/1 added a secret unlockable character, made many events much more visually exciting.

3/29 Removed all other quality modes but Fantastic. No gains and crappy, illegible text otherwise.

3/26 Simplified the path from main menu to starting a game, shored up some aberrant AI behavior.

3/18 Added 4 AI difficulty modes.

3/11 Added a bit more controller compatibility.

3/5 Increased the minimum speed of a dash, allowed a cancel from a dash into another charge/parry. Also made parrying a bit more forgiving. Began work on a(n as yet unplayable) cooperative boss battle mode.

1/28 quality of life updates (split screen requires quite a bit more distance to come into play, resolution up), special effects when dashing, controls remapping next

1/9 the sphere is now a circular arena. it has a creepy eye in it.

1/1 too much to address, two new levels, visual overhauls, menus, still missing music and some menu settings for ai difficulty and controls remapping but soon.

12/13 addressed xbox 360 mappings, made the split screen a bit less aggressive, also some legibility issues in menus.

12/9 refined close quarters combat, made various visual tweaks (split screen transitions, particle systems), made parrying more frame accurate.

12/8 added close quarters combat when two dodging players collide

12/4 bonus: tweaks to auto-aim, more style.

12/4: joystick and menu navigation fixes from playtesting. way cooler sounds, hit m to enjoy. music someday.

12/3: menus, scoreboard, controls remapping soon.

12/2: re-enabled some particle systems on the players and added a throw.

11/28: added a subtle direction indicator and really subtle aim assist.

11/27: added ai, 0-2 player game modes.