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Ethernalis Alpha Access - Roguelike RPG Card Game

A topic by Ethernalis created 42 days ago Views: 290 Replies: 5
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o/ Hello One and All,

We have set out, with big ambitions to create a cross platform multiplayer dungeon, cast in a dark fantasy setting. We thought to ourselves, that an RPG adventures of their characters could be described to the players, through cards and that the roguelike, procedural RNG would together make a game that we always wanted to play :D

We are enjoying every step of the way and we would like to invite you on our dev journey.

Thank you for tuning in o7


Ethernalis is a Rogue-like RPG Card Game with MUD-style event system, through which players can undertake complex interaction with a dark and unforgiving game world.

The Game is in early alpha and often fundamental changes are being made on daily basis - if you decide to give it a go: expect the unexpected (We are catching bugs and adding new features on a daily basis). We try to keep all game clients up to date as we are aiming at cross-platform multiplayer world. Ethernalis is a hosted app and requires internet connection to play regardless of the platform that the game is played on.

In Ethernalis, player adopts a character and embarks upon adventure to fight for it's survival in an unforgiving, dark & hostile world.

Every character that manages to complete their initial quest will land in your library (with all it's equipment, experience, skills and everything that makes it unique) ready to battle against other Heros in Multiplier Mode - which is currently our main development focus.

Players begin their adventure by choosing one of three characters that have been made available for them by the game engine. Each of the three cards will be procedurally generated for the player and will fall into a particular Character Class. Each Character Class comes with unique features and abilities. Mana and Health regeneration, Hunger and Thirst are only some of the properties affected by the class choice.

We are experimenting with crafting, permanent dungeons, dedicated location, co-op sessions and many more features which we will describe to you in upcoming posts.

Currently in the game players can interact with over 256 unique cards and new ones are being added on a daily basis. New cards become available once the characters reach certain levels of the dungeon, each even more difficult then the previous one.

The mechanics work with additional 5 elemental damage types that cannot be negated with standard defense point, making battles a tactical challenge for the player and offering a variety of potential outcomes. So far in the game there's:

256 - Unique Cards

63 - Unique Enemies

78 - Equipment Cards

28 Unique Weapons

10 Custom Events

24 Location Cards

You can find an up to date count of all these assets and direct download links for all supported platforms on our project website: www.ethernalis.com - please let us know what you think about our alpha and send us info on issues and suggestions to help us improve the game.

We will do our best to update you, here with news and progress each week so stay tuned. If you'd like to hear from us more often connect on twitter @nospoonnocake , like us on Facebook: facebook.com/ethernalis or visit our Patreon profile here: http://patreon.com/ethernalis

All Best

Ethernalis Team

o/ Hi Again itch.io,

There's so much going on behind the scenes that we barely have time to talk about all the stuff we did (Must be a good thing right?).

We have made several bug fixes and few updates to the game engine to improve the overall experience. The dungeon generation logic was reprogrammed in a way that allows us to better manage the loot and enemy spawns (i.e Library has a better chance of spawning a scroll than let's say Armoury etc.).

We have added a couple of new characters to the game (amongst them a Dwarf!), updated some placeholder art to a newer/better versions of the artwork and improved the balance of the character level-ups.

We are putting a lot of effort to advance with the multiplayer mode that we have been working on for some time now and we're pleased to say that it seems to be coming along nicely. The core functionality (The server side turn control and map sync is already here) is now being thoroughly tested :D

Thanks for stopping by o/


Is the game available for online play or download? Looks great.

Hi Sage1234 o/

Thank you o7

Game can be downloaded form itch.io for Windows and MacOSX and is also available on Google Play store for Android.

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o/ Hi Again itch.io,

I'm back here with another big update, that brings Ethernalis a little further to our big RPG dream :D

Some time ago we have introduced miscellaneous cards which we could at later stage use to implement alchemy & crafting. Today we have published the Crafting tab in the Inventory section of the game board which can be used to combine multiple items into a more advanced and precious game cards.

We have also introduced item durability and completely changed the logic behind the inventory system.

Characters are no longer restricted to one weapon/apparel but instead have to choose which of the inventory cards is equipped (don't forget to do that as you collect the loot!) This means that although characters can gather multiple #weapons they will now face a challenge of their equipment's condition deteriorating over time. As if it wasn't difficult enough already! right? ;D

We will be adding more recipes soon, so let us know what you have managed to craft & what would you like to see next :D o7


I must say the art in this is absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of a very dark D&D campaign I used to play in as a kid.

Can't wait to see more! :D