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Quest for the King - An RPG about World Mythology

A topic by Fasold created Mar 13, 2017 Views: 126
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Greetings Warriors and Adventurers,

The demo for Quest for the King is now live!

Quest for the King is the first in a trilogy of games, each set in a different mythological environment.

Travel through a great desert based on Arabian mythology and the tales of 1001 Nights in the first game, where you will fight monsters and bandits, find ancient tombs, crumbling temples and glittering oases.

Escape the desert into a dark mountain range, where the Slavic mythology will be dominant, with moonlit nights, howling in the distance, shadows moving and stirring, and red eyes lighting up in the darkness.

Descent from the dark mountains into sunlit plains and islands, a land of Greek mythology, where you will find wonders beyond imagining.

But first, try the demo!

Learn how it all started, when you entered the great tournament to become the new Royal Adventurer of Idunia.

Please visit the game page to download the demo!

The Tournament

With the hightest regards,


Fasold Games