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A web CMS that also allow creating game quests, MUDS, RPG's, visual novels or gaming communities w/o programming needed. · By jdiperla

Project: Morpheaus Doom Sticky

A topic by jdiperla created Feb 03, 2020 Views: 57
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Project: Morpheaus Doom

Planned for mid to late 2021 release, a new game with the working title "Morpheaus Doom" is planned to be released. It will be a quest driven, MMORPG that will take the user on intergalactic adventures. The game will have original graphics and will also include mobile app versions for iOS and Android. The game will be made using SimCMS. The current working synopsis will be the following:

Creatures known as "The Morpheaus" are ravaging worlds across the known universe destroying all beings and then transferring their consciousness into their own private hub for collection forcing these minds to leave in a dream state. Your role is to fight against these creatures and wipe them all out while at the same time fight the struggle that all political entities must face: the struggle with one another.