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TumbleSeed is a deceptively deep roguelike about balancing a seed up a dangerous and ever-changing mountain. · By aeiowu, dlask, benedictfritz

Beta 0.7 - This is basically the game Sticky

A topic by dlask created Mar 11, 2017 Views: 805 Replies: 5
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Developer (4 edits)

[EDIT 2] Despite wanting to have y'all keep your saves, turns out the new scoring system breaks with the old save data, so we're gonna have to blast your save with the 0.71 hotfix going out later today. Sorry :( Details at bottom of post

[EDIT] IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SAVE FILE: Copy/Paste the savedata.tumbleseed file from your previous build before updating on itch.

  • Windows: Inside of the TumbleSeed_Data folder
  • OSX: Right click the file and it should be inside of there


Hey All!

So we just pushed another big version update- basically all of the game content is in this build. There are still plenty of things that need polish, tweaking, and balancing, but this is everything for the most part! There's so many minor/tiny fixes and touch ups we did but I'll try to hit on the main things:

Big Stuff:

  • New scoring system (and lederboard reset)- scores now sort based on distance, THEN if there's a tie based on time, and if there's STILL a tie, based on minerals. We had to reset scores because we scaled distance differently and internal scoring didn't play nice with the old score data.
  • Quick Restart- people have been wanting this for a while. Well here it is ;)
  • Restart tutorial from the main menu- If you want to go back to the prairie/tutorial to show a friend how to play or you just want to hang out with seeds in a more peaceful time, you can select Tutorial from the game modes screen w/o having to delete your save progress. Adventure should let you continue to start from the basecamp once you've reached it!
  • A few surprises we don't want to spoil

Minor Stuff:

  • Lots of game state stability fixes (quitting/restarting/subsequent playthroughts, music syncing/transitions)
  • More quests!
  • Much faster load times for playing from main menu/subsequent plays. Basically we sliced biome spawning to only spawn the biomes you're currently in- this helps restarting and playing again feel so much better and faster.

Balance Tweaks:

  • Bomb explosion happens in 3 seconds now
  • Reworked enemy composition in Jungle, Desert, and Snow
  • You can now fall off the mountain at the Summit
  • Hole pop aura no longer plants a checkpoint and you lose 5 minerals when you fall in a hole
  • You now get a 3 second invincibility cooldown when hit by an enemy**


  • You can no longer die from an enemy hit
  • All enemies should now properly utilize/activate all preplanted abilities
  • Fixed many bugs with seed powers not working properly or interacting with enemies
  • Fixed crystal room quest not working
  • Daily challenge sends you back to the main menu upon completion
  • Abilities should no longer linger after you tried them in in the try-area in choice rooms
  • Node flies now work lol
  • **You can no longer lose a ton of hearts instantly when knocked up into a wall by an enemy and getting hit repeatedly because you now have an invincibility cooldown

Known Issues:

  • Homing still aims at indestructible enemies (i.e. wall laser crawlers)
  • Game has some edge cases where it can soft lock from button mashing/pausing at transitional periods

I'm sure I missed a ton of little things. Keep letting us know what you think regarding how things feel, fun stories you have, or things you find unfair. Thanks to all of y'all who keep playing and sending bug reports- we really appreciate it, and anytime folks talk about their experiences playing the game it brings us a ton of joy, so thank you <3

Hotfix 0.71 Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where end game screen was behaving incorrectly
  • Restart & Quitting during dialogue/falling in holes/cutscenes/transition states should no longer break the game
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur in the tutorial shrine
  • Teleporters from the basecamp now work properly (no longer end up in the blue abyss AKA nothing-land)
Other Notes:
  • Save file had to be wiped in order to deal with new scoring system, sorry :\
  • New dialogue in houses & libraries!
  • Fixed up a bunch of other little minor things. The game is in a better place than in was this morning!

Since the hotfix this build has been pretty stable. TumbleSeed is really gettin there, you guys!!!


Glad to hear! Feeling really good about the overall stability of things. Still some edge cases to find/fix but we're in the final stretch! :]


thanks mike! your help has been so invaluable. thank you thank you thank you!!!

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happy to help! btw my biggest issue with the game now is still that issue i posted a while back where if you have a lot of hearts or crystals it obscures the level, which I rely on heavily. feels like I'm being punished for having a lot of hearts!

Edit: oh, and the seed picker. if you have a lot of seeds, that thing is really unwieldy.

how to reset the whole game? i want to play it from the beginning.