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The Japan Collection: Dark Tokyo

505 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 5 animations for use in your project! · By GuttyKreum

RPG Maker MV

A topic by jarzium created Jan 30, 2020 Views: 455 Replies: 3
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Hi there! I'm pretty new to Itch, love your assets. Would they work for RPG Maker MV? or do i need to adjust them? 


Heya Jarzium! Thanks for the kind words : ). I don't believe they can simply be imported into RPG Maker MV without some tweaks. I just bought MV so I am learning it right now. I do know that some people have used my packs in MV after some editing.

Thanks GuttyKreum! I really love your assets, but I'll wait till they are ready for MV before buying it. Keep up the good work, I am so impressed and inspired by your art!


No worries and I'm glad you like them. I'm hoping to make all my assets as RPGMaker friendly as possible once I learn the program.