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Bug: Using Saved Roll Clears all Pinned Dice Under Certain Circumstances

A topic by chibibiscuit created Jan 29, 2020 Views: 88 Replies: 1
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I adore this application, and I have been using it to create a series of saved rolls I will be using for art idea generation during drawing streams! But one issue I have encountered is that under very specific circumstances, pinned dice will be lost when using a saved roll. Here are my examples.

What I expect - pinned die are preserved, unpinned die are lost.
1. I roll 2d6. 
2. I pin one of them.
3. I use any saved roll.
Result: The unpinned d6 was lost, and the pinned d6 was preserved.

The issue - there are no unpinned die, so instead of pinned die being preserved, pinned die are lost.
1. I roll 2d6.  
2. I pin both of them. 
3. I use any saved roll.
Result: Both pinned d6 were lost.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Keep up the great work!


Hey thanks for letting me know about this!

I’m not sure what I intended for the behaviour here to be but this is definitely not consistent, sorry about that!

It will probably be a while before I do anything about this issue, but for now if you want to keep all pinned dice when using a saved roll; throw out another die first, it will remove only that one when you select your saved roll.