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Very basic beginner mode?

A topic by Ede2016 created Mar 06, 2017 Views: 220 Replies: 3
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I like to learn to fly and I do my first steps in LOS (in the simulator and with a real quad).

What I want to learn first is to have the correct orientation. I.e. if my quad is turned 90 degrees to the right then I have to use roll instead of pitch to move it into my direction and away from me.

If I try this in Freerider then I also have to work on the throttle to make sure the altitude of the quad does not change a lot - like with a real quad.

These are obviously two things I have to learn eventually but I think it would be easier for a beginner to separate them. What I would like is a quad which hovers i.e. 1m above the ground and moves according to my stick inputs but it keeps the same altitude. That would make it a lot easier to learn first the orientation and the necessary stick inputs to move the quad and after I learned that then I should learn also to keep the altitude.

And probably it would be easiest to learn this with a simple background like just a flat field without distractions.

Does Freerider has such a simple function? I own both versions of the program.



Yes altitude hold could be a good idea to include for beginners. I will add it to my list of suggestions.


je demarre en vol inversé 6 D. Ce mode n'est pas inclus dans aucun simulateur de vol. penser vous un jour le mettre dans freerider ?.


Freerider a déjà le mode 3D disponible (vol inversé) (c'est l'un des trois modes de vol sélectionnés en haut à gauche corned ou en appuyant sur L sur le clavier).

Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que vous entendez par 6 D?