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I'm just finishing Publishing​ my new Game​ "Light Piercer"

A topic by Rorschach_Digital created Mar 06, 2017 Views: 101
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Light Piercer is a classic Ikanoid action game, bounce the sharur wrecking ball into satellites to destroy them.


In the far distant future Year 1997 global warming put mankind on the edge of extinction. The governments of the world decided to build a space sunshade named "Light Dam". Which is over 900 satellites placed in a giant rectangle in front of the Sun, which filters down the light to Earth reducing global warming.

Apate the Artificial Intelligence controlling light dam began to cut the light to customers who couldn't pay the extortionate light tax.

Without light from the sun all life on earth began to freeze to death.

Operation Light Piercer was launched it is your mission to destroy the "Light Dam" using Sharur Wrecking Ball before mankind is doomed.

Here's the link

I would welcome any Constructive feedback and bug reports.

I hope you all enjoy it.