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HELP NEEDED: Art. Programming. RPG Maker

A topic by BlazingKnightHero created Jan 22, 2020 Views: 138 Replies: 3
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Artist needed for facial portraits for RPG Maker game.

Programmer for a few, what SHOULD be simple things that I'm simply not too confident in myself doing.

This game will focus around a certain theme of kidnapping although I wouldn't say the game itself is 18+ in a heavily sexual way.
Please add BlazingKnightHero#6653 on discord to inquire. 


Hi there,

if this is paid gig i am definitely able to help you.

Let's discuss more on discord: 


 else you can send me details on rachel at cisinlabs dot com

I sent a request. I hadn't planned on paying but  I'd like to talk to see some of your work and prices

I accepted your request and do not worry our pricing are very affordable.

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