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What is a greeble and why is G group AND greeble?

A topic by karmacomposer created 37 days ago Views: 91 Replies: 6
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So, I was informed to hold down G while I place a block.  What is a greeble? I see blocks that are greebles and I thought they were for kitbashing/making spaceships or borg-like items.  When I press G it groups it.  So which is it? G for greeble or G for group.  Right now it seems like group wins.


Holding G during the placement of a new block will 'greeble' it to a surface, when you press G when there's a selection it'll group. While it's the same button, they should never interfere.

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I only see groups.  No greebles.

Sorry for the crap in my message  - my son's pro writing aid ads all this  crap.


The question remains - please define what a greeble is as it relates to asset forge 2.0 deluxe    please.


As explained, if you place a new block and hold G it'll rotate to the surface you're pointing at. A greeble is a small, useless piece of detail often seen on sci-fi ships and Star Wars costumes.

In case it is not clear still, I will put here a couple of gifs of the feature and an extra explanation :)

When you place a block (any block) it will be placed following the grid and snap to the the center like so:

BUT, if you hold G while that is happening (before left-clicking with your mouse to place the block in the scene) the object will snap to the surface normal of anything your mouse is over. Like so:

After an object is placed on the scene you will be able to move the object using the gizmos (axis/arrows) like you would in any other 3D software (Unity, etc...). At this point G will no longer be used to snap the object to the surface of other objects but instead to group blocks together to combine them into a single object. (Can be undone by pressing CTRL + G). (Like parenting if you like to think about it that way)

Hope this helps :)

That helped quite a bit.  I would not call that a greeble.  I would call that 'snap to normal' or 'snap to object'

Thank you.