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Crystal Orb Adventures

Prototype procedurally generated text adventure game without the typing. · By Marasmusine

Development notes.

A topic by Marasmusine created Mar 03, 2017 Views: 256 Replies: 4
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Travelling merchants are nearly done. You can buy from their inventory and sell them your crap, or escort them back to town to improve that town's wealth.

To Do:

The buy menu header isn't sure what to do when there's different types of item.

Option of attacking the merchant. This system can then be used to make encounters with bandits too.

Got to nail down a bug where a merchants inventory sometimes has a NoneType.

Have sold items go into the merchant's inventory.

Developer (1 edit)

Merchants are more or less done. A few details need doing, for example giving actual physical coins, this will have to tie in with town shops, which will tie in with town wealth; and merchants carrying more coins will need better protection from being attacked by the player. That's for the next release and I'll introduce more NPCs across v0.1

Since merchants only appear in certain regions, I'll think of something more universal to include with this release.


Nearly there. Had to rejig some buying/selling code, and made sure that NPCs wear some armour appropriate for the level.

Added some placeholder images for a region's tropes, so there's something new to look at even if you don't encounter a merchant.

Thinking of adding "view character" buttons near the character images (instead of listing it in the combat options)...


I've added a priest NPC, which is my first foray into tying challenges into world history. Expanded character buffs so that they understand deity domains thrown at it (so that a god of mining will improve your mining, etc). Just want to think of a more immediate addition to the game before releasing 0.1.4 - perhaps a GUI improvement.


Turns out I wanted to add a bunch new armour types and improve the shop buying experience and fix a few bugs and stuff. Nearly done!