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Actually it looks like I can compile an Mk VI executable for Mac OS, although I've no way of testing it. Not much I can do about the older versions. When I next get chance I'll look into it.

Hi stuckatomega. Only if you buy me a mac.

They were just Dark Basic prototypes that were never released. I didn't even have an internet account when I made them.

Hi The Gamer Cat. MkIII and MkV are freeware:  distribute as you will and use the audio output for anything.

MkVI is under copyright (don't distribute the software), but  as far as I'm concerned the music it creates is public domain.

Yes sabitsuki, that's fine.  The sound files I used are copyright free, and I'm glad for anyone to be using the program for any reason :)

Hi cannon9009, I do this myself using Audacity. Set your recording device to "Stereo Mix", load Audacity and Dunc's Algomusic, press record in Algomusic, then start the music.

Unfortunately it's very old software. The only thing I can suggest is to set it to Windows XP compatibility mode, and run as Administrator.

Oh, hah, I guess it depends what version we're talking about. I can't help much with Mk III and V, as they weren't designed for custom wavs. However, there was a discussion at that might help.  Each sample needs to be 16-bit mono and a particular sample rate.

Hi, the files need to be in .ogg format. You can convert them in Audacity, or there's plenty of online converters.

I'm afraid I don't know, I can only guess that there's some general incompatibility with the language used, since they are both ancient: Dark Basic Pro and Blitz3D were only for Win 95, 98, XP. I'm amazed they even work on native Win 10 computers. Try any Win XP compatibility options available to you.

RealMAOUDA, you can change the sound files in Mk VI now, but they have to be .ogg format. Give it a try and let me know how it works out.

Hopefully should do the trick. Let me know.

I've found more bugs to do with noncombat encounters. I don't know where they've come from, everything was working fine before. Working to fix them now.

KK, think I got it. Try now!

Thanks, that error is to do with the UI. I'll investigate further.

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Wow, all over the place then. I do have an update that I've been sitting on for a few months, with a partially implemented feature. It's possible it has a few bug fixes in it. I'll take a look.

Edit: Okay, I uploaded it. Let me know if it runs better.

Can you remember what lead up to the bug? For example, were you in town, exploring a region, in combat, or in a dungeon? Thanks.

Since it is a requested feature,  I'll be aiming to have the wave files in folders for Mk VI beta. For the prototype it was just easier for me to have it all bundled in. I have another project I'm working on right now (I wish I could do this full time...) but when I return I'll make it a priority.

I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks for the info :)

Hah hah, oops, I had made the file hidden. You can actually download it now.

Thanks for the feedback. Having it constantly evolve, like previous versions, is on the "to do" list. I will experiment with faster tempos. (although I hadn't noticed the tiny gaps, hmm!)

Just got a few bugs to iron out then I think we'll have a public alpha of Dunc's Algomusic Mk VI.

Thanks, I've used it myself in the past, for bed music for a radio segment. As I've made  Mk V public domain you don't strictly need to do anything, but a link to this page would be a courtesy.

Check back sometimes for Developer Log updates regarding the next version :)

Thank-you for the information!

I'm in the "thinking about" stage of Mk VI. I need to find an audio module for python that is a) small and b) works. It needs to be small, because I'll be using pyinstaller to make a Windows executable (I don't want to have to ask people to install Python), and it bundles the module with it. For example, I don't want to bundle in pygame if I'm just using the audio functions. The few I have looked at don't work with Python 3 or just don't work.

Please also understand that I don't have the free time I used to have 10 years ago, I get maybe a 1 hour (at best) window each day for coding, and I'm sort of focusing on another project ( ).

I wish I had an answer for you :)

It's a matter of taste.

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As in higher sample rate, or the sound mix (or both)?

Thinking about a new version, there are Python modules for creating MIDI, and modules for playback. I don't think I can create and play MIDI on-the-fly. That would mean 1) It won't play endlessly. 2) There will be a delay before music starts playing (as it generates the track). Personally, I like that AlgoMusic plays endlessly and plays new titles immediately. What to do?

I've made them public domain. If you use or distribute it, attribution and link here would be nice of course!

They will go on endlessly.

I think Mk V crashes after a while.

Not directly. I used to use Audacity to record the audio output, so I recommend that. If you just want to save to play in AlgoMusic later, all you need is the name of the song.

When I checked my backup CDs, I only had some stuff from Dark Basic Pro (which I got after DB). We're talking 10 years ago here, I've changed computers 5 times since then and had several backup HDs fail... I will scour them again though!

From what I can remember, Mk III used little pre-fab melodies of 2 to 4 notes to create a "base" section. It would change this over time but occasionally return to the original. As you might be able to tell from the tracker, it can create variant sections that it cycles through, and some channels echoed others, and it throws in random chord changes. The name of the song is the seed for the RNG.

Mk V ditched the pre-fab melodies and tries to make its own, the result is more experimental and less catchy, which might be why Mk III is more popular.

Turns out I wanted to add a bunch new armour types and improve the shop buying experience and fix a few bugs and stuff. Nearly done!

That is wierd. Not much I can do about it :)

Not for these versions, no, the languages I used didn't haven't native MIDI support.

If I do make a new version, it will be in Python, I'm sure there's plenty of modules to support MIDI

The Dark Basic and Blitz Basic compilers were both self-contained, but they are both ancient now so it's unsurprising there'll be some issues.

Thanks for pointing out the wikihost thing, that's where it used to be hosted like 8 years ago but it doesn't exist anymore. I'll update it later.