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Thanks for the info :)

Hah hah, oops, I had made the file hidden. You can actually download it now.

Thanks for the feedback. Having it constantly evolve, like previous versions, is on the "to do" list. I will experiment with faster tempos. (although I hadn't noticed the tiny gaps, hmm!)

Just got a few bugs to iron out then I think we'll have a public alpha of Dunc's Algomusic Mk VI.

Thanks, I've used it myself in the past, for bed music for a radio segment. As I've made  Mk V public domain you don't strictly need to do anything, but a link to this page would be a courtesy.

Check back sometimes for Developer Log updates regarding the next version :)

Thank-you for the information!

I'm in the "thinking about" stage of Mk VI. I need to find an audio module for python that is a) small and b) works. It needs to be small, because I'll be using pyinstaller to make a Windows executable (I don't want to have to ask people to install Python), and it bundles the module with it. For example, I don't want to bundle in pygame if I'm just using the audio functions. The few I have looked at don't work with Python 3 or just don't work.

Please also understand that I don't have the free time I used to have 10 years ago, I get maybe a 1 hour (at best) window each day for coding, and I'm sort of focusing on another project ( https://marasmusine.itch.io/crystal-orb-adventures ).

I wish I had an answer for you :)

It's a matter of taste.

(Edited 1 time)

As in higher sample rate, or the sound mix (or both)?

Thinking about a new version, there are Python modules for creating MIDI, and modules for playback. I don't think I can create and play MIDI on-the-fly. That would mean 1) It won't play endlessly. 2) There will be a delay before music starts playing (as it generates the track). Personally, I like that AlgoMusic plays endlessly and plays new titles immediately. What to do?

I've made them public domain. If you use or distribute it, attribution and link here would be nice of course!

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Prototype v0.1.4 (22nd April, 2017)
⦁ Added tasks ("mining", "fishing", etc) to possible deity domains
⦁ NPCs may have skills and weapon based on an associated domain
⦁ Priest NPC can be encountered. Can provide a blessing for money, or for successful Ritual skill check.
⦁ Blessings last for one day, and can improve your skill, task or statistic levels, or increase your discovery rate in a region type. No current blessing for material types yet (save that for crafting...). There's also a general blessing when there's no associated deity that increases your Luck.
⦁ World generation happens when you select "Start" (rather than when the program first runs) (Ha ha, remember when "Apps" used to be called programs?); Also shops and their inventory are generated when you first travel to a town rather than at game start. All this should improve start time.
⦁ Added more hit locations (knees, ears, etc)
⦁ Added more shields
⦁ Made it more obvious when a shield has helped an attack miss you ("deflected" message in combat). Shields can be damaged by this, though this won't be a big deal (until I properly handle object damage in a future update)
⦁ Crude armour quality
⦁ More armour types. Armour material and location coverage are separate elements that are combined on item creation. Some items only partially protect an area (e.g. schynbalds only protect the front half of your shins)
⦁ Shop: Dropped the "Buy:" prefix to things in the shop menu.
⦁ Shop: Asks you to confirm your purchase, and gives you information about the object. If it is armour, it will say if it will remove any conflicting worn armor.
⦁ Bugfix: Schoolboy error, really. New objects now make a copy of the profile in the database (rather than just referencing it)
⦁ Bugfix: Compass and first aid kit now reference the correct tasks (navigating and wound dressing)

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Prototype v0.1.3 (6th April, 2017)
⦁ Bugfix: Fixed crash when displaying blunt trauma damage.
⦁ Picture for "civil" regions.
⦁ Dungeon: Moving from room to room in a dungeon now takes up a small amount of time and energy.
⦁ Dungeon: Added some treasure containers (that might be empty if a tomb raider gets to it first)

They will go on endlessly.

I think Mk V crashes after a while.

Not directly. I used to use Audacity to record the audio output, so I recommend that. If you just want to save to play in AlgoMusic later, all you need is the name of the song.

When I checked my backup CDs, I only had some stuff from Dark Basic Pro (which I got after DB). We're talking 10 years ago here, I've changed computers 5 times since then and had several backup HDs fail... I will scour them again though!

From what I can remember, Mk III used little pre-fab melodies of 2 to 4 notes to create a "base" section. It would change this over time but occasionally return to the original. As you might be able to tell from the tracker, it can create variant sections that it cycles through, and some channels echoed others, and it throws in random chord changes. The name of the song is the seed for the RNG.

Mk V ditched the pre-fab melodies and tries to make its own, the result is more experimental and less catchy, which might be why Mk III is more popular.

Turns out I wanted to add a bunch new armour types and improve the shop buying experience and fix a few bugs and stuff. Nearly done!

That is wierd. Not much I can do about it :)

Not for these versions, no, the languages I used didn't haven't native MIDI support.

If I do make a new version, it will be in Python, I'm sure there's plenty of modules to support MIDI

The Dark Basic and Blitz Basic compilers were both self-contained, but they are both ancient now so it's unsurprising there'll be some issues.

Thanks for pointing out the wikihost thing, that's where it used to be hosted like 8 years ago but it doesn't exist anymore. I'll update it later.

I'm not sure if it's a compatibility issue, as they both run okay on my Windows 10 computer without changing any compatibility options. Can I make sure (and sorry if these are dumb questions), is it all unzipped, and are the subfolders present (/music for Mk V, /wavC etc for Mk III)?

I've added a priest NPC, which is my first foray into tying challenges into world history. Expanded character buffs so that they understand deity domains thrown at it (so that a god of mining will improve your mining, etc). Just want to think of a more immediate addition to the game before releasing 0.1.4 - perhaps a GUI improvement.

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Prototype v0.1.2 (4th April, 2017)
⦁ Tomb raider NPC encountered in temples and pyramids
⦁ Hazards in arcane regions, option for using magic skill
⦁ Added hazards for chemical and fire regions
⦁ Picture for cold desert region
⦁ Bugfixes: A few things I messed up with 0.1.1

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Prototype v0.1 (25th March 2017)
⦁ Framework for NPCs. Added a merchant NPC as an exploration encounter.
⦁ Added placeholder pictures for region biomes
⦁ Encounters: Allowed wood harvesting and ore harvesting challenges to have a chance to be repeated after a failed attempt.
⦁ Combat: don't allow advance if at maximum range of your melee weapon (was previously minimum range)
⦁ Items: Heavy leather is now correctly flexible armor rather than rigid.
⦁ Bugfix: Random weapon for monsters/NPCs now correctly chosen from filtered weapon database rather than raw database.
⦁ Bugfix: Fixed crash when adding drawbacks to a monster's innate attacks.

Prototype v0.1.1 (1st April 2017)
⦁ Added a scout NPC exploration encounter.
⦁ Added Map things. These increase the base discovery % in a level, stacking up to four (for each cardinal direction). Added a map shop to each town for testing purposes (these may or may not remain). Added a map room as a possible dungeon reward room.
⦁ Bugfix: Images for: Arcane region; Character holding a shield shows correct weapon; Fencing weapons
⦁ Bugfix: Dungeon names with an (internal) underscore are OK now.

Nearly there. Had to rejig some buying/selling code, and made sure that NPCs wear some armour appropriate for the level.

Added some placeholder images for a region's tropes, so there's something new to look at even if you don't encounter a merchant.

Thinking of adding "view character" buttons near the character images (instead of listing it in the combat options)...

(Edited 1 time)

Merchants are more or less done. A few details need doing, for example giving actual physical coins, this will have to tie in with town shops, which will tie in with town wealth; and merchants carrying more coins will need better protection from being attacked by the player. That's for the next release and I'll introduce more NPCs across v0.1

Since merchants only appear in certain regions, I'll think of something more universal to include with this release.

Created a new topic Development notes.

Travelling merchants are nearly done. You can buy from their inventory and sell them your crap, or escort them back to town to improve that town's wealth.

To Do:

The buy menu header isn't sure what to do when there's different types of item.

Option of attacking the merchant. This system can then be used to make encounters with bandits too.

Got to nail down a bug where a merchants inventory sometimes has a NoneType.

Have sold items go into the merchant's inventory.

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Prototype v0.0.4 (21st Feb 2017)
⦁ Crossbows, muskets and pistols (but not bows) can be reloaded during a short rest so they are ready to fire straight away.
⦁ Pictures for hero with bow, crossbow, pistol, musket. Also trying some new town/location pictures. Reducing size of character pictures, as in the future I may have individual pictures for larger/smaller monsters (instead of just scaling an image)
⦁ Crossbows and muskets/pistols must be invented during world history to appear in the game. Associated classes ("crossbow", "dragoon") won't appear if the weapons aren't in the world, but then they will always be in the class list. Note that these weapons are expensive, so you may have to travel to other towns to find one.
⦁ Crossbows deal damage based on their rating (Brawn 7) rather than wielder's Brawn. Crossbows can be rated for a higher brawn, this value is show after their full name. Crossbows take longer to reload ("span") if you do not meet the Brawn rating.
⦁ When you aim a crossbow, muskets or pistol, you brace the weapon if there is something available to rest on.
⦁ Added fencing weapons (rapier, smallsword, shortstaff, sabre, cavalry sabre, cutlass) - I needed a third type of weapon that could be invented during history. In a future update they will parry in a slightly different way.
⦁ Adjusted shop inventory and loot drops so they take into account adjusted value of item. This increases chance of getting a crude version of an expensive weapon in lower-level towns.
⦁ FIX. Selecting "Cancel" during character class selection.
⦁ FIX. Defeating a monster in a dungeon room clears the monster event from that room (so you don't fight infinite monsters)
⦁ FIX. Mining and lumberjacking challenges are working now.
⦁ FIX. Re-entering a dungeon puts you back in the first room. Basic stuff really.

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Prototype v0.0.3 (16th Feb 2017)
⦁ NEW. Morale, wealth and trust descriptors to each town. Values are adjusted by regional tropes.
⦁ Town wealth affects the upper limit of items available in shops.
⦁ Shops restock at midnight (losing 0 to 3 items then restocking to limit)
⦁ Town names sometimes use a regional trope prefix.
⦁ FIX. Strength contribution to damage corrected.
⦁ FIX. Weapon shop item list for items with melee and ranged skill now displays ranged skill name and value, if your ranged skill is better than the melee skill (instead of just displaying the better of the two skill values)
⦁ FIX. Bug when checking to see if shields are readied.
⦁ FIX. Elements now correctly passed to monster's innate attack creation.

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P0.0.2 is incoming.

⦁ ADDED some alternatives to potions. Just in name only at the moment: "chi stones" and "talismans", but in future they will have more distinction.
⦁ Potions must be invented by an alchemist in a Legends history verse. This means your game might have no potions, one, or several different types of potion alternatives.
⦁ FIXED bug that caused game to stop when a dungeon was encountered.

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New version changelogs will be posted here.

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Please post bug reports in this thread.