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Hi ColdsterColdy, the software was written in the days of Windows XP. The issue seems to be something to do with DirectPlay. If you read the comments further down I think there's a fix.

Hi, the gamemaker source (for Mk VI) should be with the downloads. 

Download Audacity. In audacity set the recording device to "stereo mix". Press record, then start Dunc's Algomusic.

Can you remember what weapon you were wielding when you hit the slime goblin?

Thanks for the bug report, TheJam, I appreciate it, I will fix these bugs over the coming week.

Okay TheJam let me know how you get on with 0.2.4, thanks.

Looks like a tried to refactor a whole bunch of stuff in 0.2.4 ("ooh, let's try Enums!") so it will take me a few days to sort through it.

Hi! Bless you for trying this game again. I have been tinkering with this off-and-on, but mostly I've been working on other projects. It looks like I have a version 0.2.4 sitting in my Python folder so at some point I will check its stability and upload it if it is vaguely OK. I believe errors you encountered have been fixed (most likely replaced with other bugs).


The letters were an attempt to break the song into sections, so a "B" would have an adjusted chord sequence and "C" would be a bridge. It didn't work out too well though. 

I can't think right now what would happen to the seeds if you add sounds, it's been a long time since I looked at the code. If someone tries this, let us know.

I had other things I wanted to do with it, but I'm focusing on writing a book at the moment.

Because the notes trigger using GameMaker's object collision, I had pictured other things moving on the screen that would interact with the "pointers". On the second hand, I am worried that I'm just piling on "stuff" instead of trying to work in some actual music theory. Then on the third hand, I think that if I try this I will make it worse - maybe DAM is better when it's doing wierd or ambient things. 

I've made the source code available for anyone who wants to tinker around with it.

Hi,  sorry, I could not get this to work. I have Oculus Rift S and was using Steam VR. It seemed to be running behind the  Steam VR overlay (it flickered in and out) and the headset movements did not  have any affect.

Hi Trixie, I have uploaded the source code. It is in GameMaker Studio 2 format. It's provided as-is: if you don't have GMS2 I'm not sure how you can read it.

If anyone wants to adapt and publish that's fine as long as there's a link back here.

Okay, thanks for the  reply.

I'm using Oculus Rift and I couldn't get snap turning to work.  I wish it was just on the right thumbstick like other games. Otherwise good work, I like how you have to reach out to open doors rather than just press a button. Now if only someone would add snap turning to that VR Doom port...

How do I move? I can't reach out and grab things  as everything is outside my guardian zone.

That's great, I've added it to my wishlist!

This does not work  in VR (at least with Oculus), and it's just some mountains?  My son says "There's no trees", and my daughter says "it's crap".

Hello, I am playing with Oculus Rift S. When I start the game, I appear underneath the starting elevator. Although I can grab and pull myself up, and even crawl forwards, as soon as I release grip, I fall underneath the floor. This is playing seated. If I stand up, my head just peaks up through the elevator floor.

A reset view button or height slider might fix this.

Nonetheless, my daughter and I really enjoyed playing  Wyst, the puzzles was just the right level for her.

Aww, with it saying Oculus Rift input, I thought this would be in VR.

Unfortunately I don't think there's any comfort options for VR (no snap or vignette turning)?

Played this on Rift S. Performance is great even on my Geforce 1060.   Gun mechanics were good. I much prefer this slow-and-tense pace in VR compared to faster games like Serious Sam 3 - I think because partially it's better for people with motion sickness, and the creeping around is  more "real". As with Retriever I do wish there were a few easier targets to shoot at - the sentry guns are lethal and tough, which is good for tension, but a few soft targets would be nice too.

I'm looking forwards to the full release (if there will be one).

The gun needs scaling up a bit! Also, I couldn't hear any sound.

In VR. I played again until I got to the first camp.  I see there are autosaves in  IragonProject/Saved/SaveGames (including a camp save), but I have no way of loading them - my only choice is to start a new game.  The "load game" button chimes when I press it but nothing happens.

Where exactly are the save points in this game?  I can't find a game menu. I've had to quit the app a few times to figure out some settings, and each time I've had to start the game from the beginning, "Load Game" doesn't do anything. I've got as far as the tavern and spoken to the NPCs (at least I assume that's what is happening, as there is currently no sound).


Hi dwaters, the source code for Mk V is in Blitz Basic, it was designed to go into games so you also need some loop that calls the functions  - it may be possible to adapt into other languages.

Mk VI is in Gamemaker Pro, and I can share the source code with anyone who is interested.

With VI you can just drop ogg files into the audio folders and it will incorporate them.

Audacity will record the audio.

Thanks, stay posted, looks like I'm still working through bugs I introduced in 0.2

Okay thanks :) 

I played through this with my 7 yr old daughter, and we did enjoy it. 

I didn't get to wish for infinite ice cream....

Unfortunately, although I have the compile option for MacOS, I still need a MacOS device. I would need to work with someone who has a Mac and GameMaker Studio. 

I'm not sure how to do this yet, as it generates the music on the fly rather than pre-rendering it. Also, I haven't found any midi libraries for Game Maker yet.

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Hi Kat. The site I got them from were publishing them as public domain, so yes.

The sounds are courtesty of the Philharmonia Orchestra. The website is if you want to grab your own.

Thanks, I'll see what my compile options are as soon as possible.

Actually it looks like I can compile an Mk VI executable for Mac OS, although I've no way of testing it. Not much I can do about the older versions. When I next get chance I'll look into it.

Hi stuckatomega. Only if you buy me a mac.