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Graverobber Online - Petscop

A recreation of Graverobber from Petscop 22 with online multiplayer. · By nullsharp

Version 1.2 Changelog

A topic by Chrispykins created 40 days ago Views: 14
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-Added a lobby. Public games are now listed in a room list and can be joined explicitly.

-Named Emotes: I don't know about you, but I could never remember the numbers associated with all the emotes. So, I've added the ability to refer to them by a name as well. In the order they appear on the emote sheet, the names are:
/a /b /nlm /matador
/belle /what /marvin /pyramid
/careA /careB /careNLM /paul
/pen /gift /pinkTool /redTool

-Added Enter and Escape keys as additional Confirm and Cancel keys.

-F11 now toggles fullscreen on/off (Escape will still exit fullscreen in Web build)

-Text highlighting is now green to match the aesthetic.

-Fixed a couple lines of code that I suspect caused the vertical inputs to stop working, as per the bug report from  discord user GiRL.