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An RPG set in the 1990s about teenage girls, love, and tough decisions. · By CrossXGames

Bug Report - Marquis Multiheart - NOT correcting

A topic by CrossXGames created Jan 16, 2020 Views: 63
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Hello all, 

I've encountered a bug in Chapter One where Marquis' quest does not recognize that you've obtained his heart, and if you keep talking to him, you can get MULTIPLE hearts after it. 

I am not going to be correcting this bug because I'd like it to be there for a fail-safe in case Abigail's quest doesn't work out. 

There is some sort of bug with Abigail's quest that I'm having difficulty replicating, where essentially she freezes and doesn't move to her appropriate spot. I encountered it once trying to do my video walk through for the game, but for whatever reason when I was playtesting it tonight in the latest version, it was working. 

If anyone finds themselves unable to get Abigail's heart, complete Marquis' quest, and talk to him again to get an extra heart.