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Medieval Towns

Online game about survival, towns and war · By Brox

First questions [solved]

A topic by Brox created Mar 02, 2017 Views: 261 Replies: 8
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can you make the game have AI because i could play on the go without internet

AI will be later, but it will be not possible to play without internet, because multiplayer is one of main game features... at the moment.


ive tried multiple times to create a workbench, but i cannot seem to craft it, it keeps disappearing, i also would reccomend the ability to combine recources together as i cant stack 2 collections of wood together thus making it harder to make the workbench, another thing is that theres no food so i cant stop myself from starving or preventing thirst. lastly, there seems to be a lack of animations and a ton of dead player bodies on the floor.

hope this small feedback helps! I really want to see this game when its been completed fully :)

Thank you for your feedback, it really helped me locate bugs and helps me make game better!

About workbench: sorry, my mistake - i changed build on server, but didn't check old game client. I uploaded build 2 (must fixed this).

About stack: strange, but it must work.

About food and drink: you have to build hunting cell (generates meat) and water collector (generates water), it's available in workbench. Later i'll change survival system: add animals, etc.

If player body in horizontal position - it's player in logoff, you may kill him and get his loot.

It says to update the game, but this is the only version I see and I'm not sure if I'm overlooking something or the Mac version hasn't been updated. Any help is appreciated :)

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Hm, build 3 was uploaded for all 3 platforms. Did you download

And what build version in main menu?

Hi hi,

It says Build 2, but after reading your reply I went back and checked out the downloads again. I downloaded b2 somehow. Thank you and sorry about that :3

Hi, no problem, enjoy :)

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