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Bugged Or Just Rubbish ?

A topic by Coyote796 created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 94 Replies: 1
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So whenever I play games that require me to sell things I always level the "Price Increase" first.

Charisma in this game though feels almost non existent, so, is it bugged or just rubbish ?

I got to day 5 with 5 charisma and still could only afford one Tin Ingot at a time. This feels like an incredibly slow curve.

if you have just started playing 0.0.72 - the dev JUST updated the game and you are playing the new version with raised curve.

I would agree it feels a bit slow right now, maybe he adds things soon? He mentioned something about this being a preparation for something bigger. but all it does is only allow me to get copper stuff now xD

Charisma, as I have seen it, seems to raise the sell price by one dollar per level, or maybe 10% of the ingot price? I did not make it to tin yet, so you know better than I do.

If it stays at 8$ for a tin ingot, this is really not how it should be, it should be a thing that is still relevant for higher ingot tiers. everything below 10 is insignificant as soon as you up the tiers