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''IRONSAGA'' has 41 hours to go on Kickstarter!

A topic by CatsRKool created Mar 01, 2017 Views: 154
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Hey everyone, first I want to say thanks for all the plays and feedback, it has been helping greatly with the development of the full game. If you have not tried the IronSaga early demo yet then give it a try for free at the link below :

If you see potential in IronSaga or just really liked the early demo, you can further support the game now for as low as 1 dollar. That small price will forever add your name in the credits of the full game plus a guaranteed copy of the game once released.

So if you want to forever become a part of IronSaga then join us on this epic journey today at the Kickstarter link below :

Thank you for all the plays. Have a great day everyone,
Divine Gaming